trauma focused equine therapy

For clients who would like a non-traditional therapeutic environment, such as a pasture, round pen, or stable. Sessions are offered in a minimum of 1 hour or can be booked for an extended timeframe. By experiencing connection with a horse, clients have seen deeper healing that has taught them to deal with past pain and current relational struggles.

Individual/Couples/Family Counseling

We offer in-office counseling for individuals and couples in a private retreat setting. Clients also have the option of having an outdoor counseling experience. They can sit by a fire, on a swing or even a walking trail. Session are a minimum of 60 minutes.

Individual/Couples/Family Intensives

We offer customized 3 day intensives. Clients have the option of staying on-site in our fully furnished cabin. We handle the physical needs so that clients can focus on healing. Clients are able to spend full days in therapy. Experiential therapy and equine therapy can be added to intensive weekends.

E.M.D.R. (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)

We have a trained EMDR therapist on site. EMDR has been shown to be effective in helping clients who are struggling with a one time traumatic event or long term PTSD. Sessions are typically for 60-90 minutes. We ask clients to do a minimum of 3 sessions to begin seeing results.

Contemplative and silent Retreats

We offer one day retreats for people to learn more about creative ways to connect with God using art, nature and contemplative practices. Check our event page for upcoming dates.

Spiritual Direction

Coming Soon.